Career Placement Test: Find Which Careers Are Right for You

Which career is right for you? Take a career placement test to find out. Learn how your attitudes and interests match different career choices and find out more about your new career today!

In the past, accessing a career test was only possible through employers or careers that specialized in these offerings. It was often difficult to get access to these career interest tests and when you did, the cost was in the hundreds of dollars. Not anymore.

We are proud to offer a variety of career tests for you to try:

Testing Room – Offering both free and paid options
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Today, there are many high-quality career placement tests that are affordable for an individual who is researching the right career. These tests provide a great jump-start on the process of finding a career that is compatible with your interests and attitudes.

Most of these tests also offer supplemental ways to do additional research on careers that are of interest to you.

Do Career Tests Work?

While no single test will tell you what job to do, career tests can provide direction that will point you in a direction of research. It is your job to take that information and build upon it. Each person has a unique combination of interests, attitudes, skills and experiences. And each person has unique job preferences in terms of hours, salary and specific situation. What a career test will do is provide you with useful information that will enable you to compare career options.

Knowing these parameters, a career placement test can be extremely useful in speeding up the process of finding a career you love by providing direction and insight.

A Word to the Wise

Taking a career placement test can be fun. And it is valuable to take more than one. You really know you’re on to something when a few tests are all pointing in the same direction.

However, test taking will not change your life, you will. Once you have an idea about direction, begin more formal research, talk to people and spend your time moving toward your new career, not just reading about it.

What Should You Do After a Career Placement Test?

Once you have completed a career interest survey and have the detailed report, here are your next steps:

  • Comb through the different career options and highlight those that sound interesting to you.
  • Do some quick research that will help you uncover some basic information about the career including educational and skill requirements. Many testing companies provide this as part of their service. This will help you narrow down your choices even more.
  • Look to your network to find out if anyone knows someone in your targeted careers that you can talk with to find out more. Schedule some time with them for an informational interview to find out what the day to day job is like.
  • If you do not know someone in your network that can help connect you with someone, do some research online to find individuals or associations that are related to your potential career choice. Do some digging so that you are able to talk with someone in the field to get a better understanding of what the job is like and what it takes to be successful.
  • If you’re still interested, take the next step to pursue the career. This will depend on where you are starting. If you need specific education or training, get it. If you need experience, find ways to get it through volunteering or part time work. Or find what entry careers lead to your ultimate career.
  • When you are ready, create or revise your resume to reflect your new career path.
  • Follow the steps to find a job in your new career. We’ve got great articles here!

While finally realizing the job of your dreams may be more than a career placement test away, take a career test today to get started. You’ll be glad you did.

Good luck!

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