Finding Jobs Available In My Area: Resources for Your Local Job Search

If you know where to look, finding jobs available in my area is easier than ever. Here’s a great list of resources and job to jump start your job search.

I often get asked: Can you help me find a job? What is the best way of finding jobs available in my area? I am looking for work close to home and am currently focused on using the job boards and newspaper. Are there other resources available that will help me find jobs close to home? The answer is yes: There are a few great resources to use looking for a job listing in local areas.

  • First, the online job boards or job search engines typically allow you to search by city and state to find jobs near you. Typically you can search within a particular radius so that you can widen or narrow your job search focus.
  • Your local newspaper (if it is still published!) is a great resource of local jobs. You can typically find them online as well, but sometimes need a subscription to access the online version.
  • Craigslist is another resource for job seekers and is organized locally and by specialty. Choose the metro area nearest you and scroll through the opportunities.
  • Google has tremendously upgraded its local search lately and can help you find state and other local resources for your job search. In Google, type in “Your-City Job Search” and “Your-State Job Search” for a great list of resources.
  • Don’t miss out on company-specific job postings. Job aggregators like cull through job boards as well as company job sites to find positions that might not be posted elsewhere. Simply select your city and state to search.

Finding jobs available in my area doesn’t have to be elusive. The resources above will give you a great start for uncovering a job listing in local areas. Of course, don’t get stuck searching for jobs online. Actively build your network and get the word out that you are seeking employment. Use some of the tips and career advice in the links below to expand beyond the want ads and find a job you will truly enjoy.

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Good luck!