How to Find a Job: Proven Tips for Speeding Up the Job Hunting Process

If only there was a simple, clear formula about how to find a job. Fool-proof, step-by-step instructions would be nice.

Although its not that simple, my experience helping people find jobs has helped me uncover some great job search tips, career advice and job hunting advice that can help you speed up the job hunting process.

How to Find a Job: The Basics

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When most people think of a job search, they think of the basics: Building a resume, writing a cover letter, posting your resume or sending it to recruiters or companies and preparing for a job interview. Mastering these basics might get you into the game, but they’re just the ticket to entry. You’ll want to set yourself apart. You’ll want to find a job you love.

Consider this: posting your resume to job boards typically yields less than 3% response rate. Over time, this can create a false perception of your value in the market and impact your motivation. If you’re serious about mastering how to find a job now, ramp up the basics with these job search tips.

Be Clear About What You Want from Your Job Search

Take that resume objective section of your resume seriously and be clear about what you want as an end result of your search. This may mean articulating potential job titles you are seeking or being clear about the type of work you want to be doing. Be ready to share this concisely over and over and over again. In addition, be sure to customize your resume objective depending on the specific job you are targeting. There is no bigger turn off to a hiring manager than seeing a different title or direction in your resume objective than the one they are recruiting for!

Dedicate the Time to Find a Job

Consider searching for a job a full time job if you’re unemployed, dedicating 35 hours or more per week to achieve your goals. If you’re currently employed, consider it a part time job and dedicate 15+ hours a week. Then organize your time to make the most of your job search. This commitment helps you gain momentum and can shorten duration of your job search overall. Your focus and commitment to the search process will pay off.

Get Organized for Your Job Search

Being organized is one of the key ways to transform your job search from a hobby to a serious endeavor. Develop a regular work schedule, complete with projects, deadlines and goals. Learn how to find a job and make it your top priority. Structure your work space and time to maximize your chances for success. Be sure to keep track of every resume you send out, to whom it was addressed and for which position. A list like this is critical in quickly identifying opportunities when the all important call back comes. You’ll be prepared and able to address the call in the most effective and efficient manner possible. First impressions are critical.

Be Proactive to Find a Job

Commit a set amount of time each day to your Internet job search, such as 60-90 minutes per day, and then focus most of your time on the proactive job hunting strategies that will set you apart. These might include researching target companies, making phone calls to contacts in your network or prospective companies, setting up informational interviews, using social networking sites such as Linked In and Facebook to develop leads and get the word out that you are in the market for a job, following up on interviews and inquiries, reading the trade news, business news and business journal to find the right spin for your letters and conversations. Each of these activities are an integral part of how to find a job.

Never Stop Networking During Your Job Search

Networking opportunities are everywhere. Networking simply means building relationships and communicating your job story any way you can. Look for opportunities everywhere you go and communicate clearly what you want. Even if you aren’t an expert internet user, consider getting on LinkedIn which is considered the premier business networking site.

You may also consider developing a marketing tool to help your contacts understand how they can help you. By clarifying your target companies, target positions and key strengths, you can make it easy for people in your network to help you find the right person to connect with, one step at a time.

Polish Your Personal Brand to Find a Job

Remember the basics? Take them to the next level. Emphasize the results you’ve generated, your major accomplishments and career highlights as part of your personal brand. Make sure that your pitch, both written and verbal, sends the right message about how you and your qualifications differ from the thousands of others that have similar skills and the same amount of experience. For every hiring manager who reviews your resume, remember they have most likely reviewed hundreds before you and will review hundreds more after yours.

Harness the Job Hunting Latest Tools

Take advantage of social networking tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Naymz, blogging, and Twitter. These tools allow you to showcase your personal brand in a way that shows up in Google searches and harnesses the concept of six degrees of separation in your favor. They have become a powerful component of how to find a job.

Stay Motivated to Find a Job

Especially in this economy, keeping motivation high is critical. Even the most dedicated job search can stretch from three months to a year. And if you are unemployed, surviving job loss is not easy. Team up with a buddy, start a Meetup group in your area to support your strategies. Then don’t forget to take time out to recharge with friends and family.

Follow Up on Every Step of Your Job Search

Follow up, follow up and follow up again. Tenacity pays off time and time again.

Stay Connected

Bookmark this site. I’m committed to bringing you the best resources I am aware of to help you find a job. There is no simple formula that satisfies the quest of how to find a job; however, by approaching your job search in an intelligent, focused way, you will be able to set yourself apart from the crowd and get the offer you want.

Good luck!

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