Interview Questions to Ask the Interviewer: How to Answer Interview Questions and Ask Them, Too

folder of job interview questions for your job searchKnowing what interview questions to ask the interviewer is not always easy. When preparing for a job interview, most strong candidates practice answering typical interview questions to make sure they’re not stumped by the difficult interview questions. But be sure to prepare your own questions for job search, as well.

Don’t miss this opportunity! By preparing interview questions to ask ahead of time, you are able to set yourself apart from your competition. Employers judge how thoughtful, insightful and organized you are by the questions that you ask them.

Check out these sample interview questions to ask when it’s your turn. Write down the ones that matter the most to you, then take them to the interview with you.

  • Can you give me a brief history of this position? Why is it open?
  • Is there any aspect of the position that you hope to see performed better than it was in the past?
  • What are the key challenges that this position faces?
  • Do you see this position evolving in the future? Where are the biggest opportunities to grow?
  • How would you describe a typical day in this position?
  • When will you make a hiring decision? May I call you to follow up? When would be a good time?

There are also a few questions to save for a later time — avoid asking these at your first interview or they could undermine your hard work! This doesn’t mean you won’t get your questions answered, it just means that patience is a virtue that is worth having in this situation.

  • How much does this job pay? (Hopefully you’ll have a range established, but if not, assume that you will be paid market value until the discussion gets specific and you can get this answered.)
  • What does this organization do? (It’s your job to do research ahead of time. Do this before your interview!)
  • When can I take time off for vacation? (Like discussions around salary, vacation discussions should be held until later in the process.)
  • Did I get the job? (Again, patience is a virtue.)

Good luck!

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