Our Process

High Performance Recruiting

HEADERprocess_03Factor Ten’s recruiting methodology has been refined over many years. Our streamlined approach reflects our High Performance commitment and is fully adaptable to your individual needs.

Whether you want a great deal of involvement in the search process or prefer a hands-off approach, Factor Ten is committed to your total satisfaction.

Through our experience, we have found the process described below yields the best possible results:

  • Establish a formal communication process with direct communication our firm and the designated hiring authority at your organization
  • Conduct a thorough review of your needs by hiring authority
  • Develop a comprehensive job description and ideal candidate profile
  • Set salary parameters that define the low point, mid point and high end of salary range
  • Review the feasibility of job requirements to ensure the best fit
  • Review the ideal experience and source of the candidate such as a particular industry or type of company
  • Select and carefully screen candidates before introducing them to you
  • Brief you about submitted candidates before their interview and debrief with you after the interview
  • Act as liaison between you and the candidate throughout the process to provide a single point of contact and strategic resource through the offer and acceptance stage
  • Facilitate compensation package negotiation including complete understanding of company benefits to ensure offer acceptance
  • Support candidate at resignation stage
  • Stay in touch to facilitate a continued successful, long term relationship

We carefully manage each assignment and provide you with regular progress updates to keep you fully informed about the status of your search at all times. Our High-Performance approach facilitates the identification of the best candidates in the fastest time possible.