Skills Resume: Identifying Transferrable Skills for Your Career Change Resume

When you’re putting together a skills resume to make a career change, this process will help you identify transferrable skills that can be used across different careers. These skills become the basis of your career change resume.

To do this preliminary skills resume exercise, take out a sheet of paper and draw a large “T” on the page. On the left side of the “T” write the skills you have most enjoyed over the years. On the right side of the T, write the skills or jobs you did not enjoy.

Then take a good look at the skills you have most enjoyed. Do you see any common threads? Which skills are the best matches for potential careers you have identified? Which skills would you want to highlight in a skills resume?

Use the words below as prompters to get you thinking, and feel free to add any skills, jobs or other notes that are not included here. At the end of this exercise, you will have identified a solid set of skills that you will want to potentially expand on and highlight in your skills resume as you continue your career and job exploration.

Identifying your transferrable skills makes your career change resume writing much easier. Be sure to explore this career advice exercise and the additional career change advice in this site to make a significant step toward your career change.

Key Transferrable Skills to Consider for Your Skills Resume
accepting responsibility advising people analyzing analyzing data
anticipating problems assembling asserting assessing situations
auditing records bargaining/bartering being a liaison being cost conscious
being diplomatic being resourceful being responsible being sensitive
budgeting money building things buying products or services calculating numbers
charting information checking for accuracy classifying information coaching
collecting money communicating compiling data computing data
conceptualizing constructing buildings consulting w/others contacting others
controlling costs controlling situations conversing w/others cooperating
coordinating activities coordinating tasks counseling creating
creating new ideas defining needs delegating designing
developing rapport directing others distributing something doing precision work
drafting driving editing encouraging people
enduring long hours enforcing estimating evaluating
examining exhibiting expanding expediting
explaining exploring expressing ideas facilitating group discussion
filing records finding information fixing/repairing flexibility
following directions following through gathering information gathering resources
generating ideas handling complaints handling details handling money
identifying problems illustration imagining solutions implementing
improving something improvising informing people initiating actions
inspecting products installing instructing interpreting data
interviewing people inventing leading learning quickly
lifting listening attentively locating information logging information
making decisions making policy making/creating managing a business
managing conflict managing people marketing measuring boundaries
mediating problems meeting deadlines meeting new people memorizing information
mentoring others monitoring progress motivating others moving materials
negotiating nursing nurturing observing
obtaining operating computers operating equipment orchestrating events
ordering goods/supplies organizing organizing data organizing people
organizing tasks owning/operating business painting perceiving needs
perceiving nonverbal communication performing performing routine work persuading others
planning planting predicting preparing materials
presenting printing processing information processing materials
programming promoting protecting property providing feedback
providing maintenance providing support public speaking persuading
questioning others raising money reaching goals reading reference books
recommending record keeping recording data recruiting people
rectifying reducing costs referring people rehabilitating people
remembering information removing repairing replacing
reporting reporting information researching resolving problems
restoring retrieving information reviewing running meetings
scheduling seeking out selecting selling ideas or products
separating sequencing servicing customers servicing equipment
setting goals setting up equipment setting up systems sewing
sketching socializing solving problems sorting
speaking in public studying supervising supplying
supporting surveying synthesizing tabulating
taking instructions taking inventory teaching tending equipment
testing thinking ahead thinking logically tolerating interruptions
tracking training/teaching transcribing transferring
translating traveling treating troubleshooting
tutoring typing understanding understanding feelings
uniting people updating information using words correctly using machinery
verifying information visualizing working in teams working quickly
working under pressure writing writing concisely writing procedures
writing proposals writing reports writing technical material