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High Performance Recruiting For Accounting and Finance Professionals

For the better part of 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of Southern California companies and thousands of job seekers from all over the country by offering specialized recruiting services for professionals seeking permanent, direct hire positions.  My exclusive focus and expertise is in the finance and accounting specialty throughout Southern California across all industries (manufacturing, technology, healthcare, services, real estate, lifesciences, and many others).

Through one-on-one personal consultation, I believe my expertise in the recruiting industry means you can count on me for a results oriented service and a commitment to your total satisfaction.

By working with me, not only do you receive access to an extensive network, but you also receive the value of proven experience  to consistently match the best person to the best position for mutual long-term satisfaction. I call this approach High-Performance Recruiting.

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Factor Ten is held to the highest ethical and professional standards.


Making You More Effective by a Factor of Ten.

When you have an open position to fill, Factor Ten is the ideal partner. I recognize the importance each individual brings to your team and create recruitment strategies to target candidates matching your specific qualifications and company culture.

My exclusive focus on finance and accounting in Southern California allows me to reach the best candidates, even if they are employed and not actively seeking a new position.

My ability to identify these candidates gives you a competitive edge and the opportunity to hire the best person. I call this approach High-Performance Recruiting. I personally screen all professionals before introducing them to you.

My performance driven, no overhead approach accelerates your recruitment process and consistently identifies top talent who provide long term value to your company.


Accelerate Your Job Search.

Finding the ideal position isn’t only about what you know, it’s about who you know.

If you are an accounting or finance professional, contact me to tap into my network of top companies throughout Southern California. I can help you find the opportunity you’re looking for; my searches are highly confidential, and I am committed to respecting your privacy.

Factor Ten Executive Search works with top companies in Southern California, including Fortune 500 Companies as well as smaller, high-growth companies. These organizations actively engage me to fill a variety of positions in Finance and Accounting.


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John Dyer

Phone: 949.474.2300
Email: jdyer@factor-ten.com


I have had the pleasure of working with John for the last two years. Finding finance and accounting candidates with the right skill set is no problem but by far the most impressive is John’s knack for finding the right cultural fit. He takes the time to not only know the hiring manager but also gains a unique perspective on the position, reporting relationships and the organization’s true culture (not just what they aspire on their mission statement). This unique perspective translates into finding the right people for the position. Many executive placement firms claim to look for cultural fit but John has a rare gift that truly delivers.

Richard Stephenson
President at SASCO/Electek

Hands down John is the best recruiter I work with. He is dedicated to finding the right candidate for every position he works on and will only send you top-notch candidates. I appreciate John’s style and his ability to find great candidates through his network. Every interaction I have with John is highly professional and straight to the point. I highly recommend John to help you find the right talent for your organization.

Keith Boothroyd
Vice President Finance at Cryoport

John is not only an executive search professional, but someone who develops relationships with potential employees and employers to ensure an optimal fit. I have known John since 2010 and he’s never been opposed to brainstorming potential opportunities or having open career discussions regardless of whether he stood to benefit financially. He’s always placed the human over the closure of the deal, which is incredibly important for both a prospect employee and employer alike. I sincerely appreciate his thoughtful openness, regular follow up and coaching throughout my own placement with a firm he represented. I highly recommend John for his work as an executive recruiter, fit consultant and coach.

Steve Vermillion
Vice President Finance at Marvell Semiconductor

I’ve partnered with John for over 15 years and he is the ultimate professional and provides exceptional level of support. He takes the time to understand your needs and personally ensures the right candidate is hired the first time. I recommend John without any hesitation.

Keyur Shah
Finance Director at Nobel Biocare

John has been a tremendous asset to our firm. He always goes all in to understand exactly what we are looking for with every search, does his own pre-screening, and only submits candidates that actually fit our needs. With John we get quality over quantity, every time. He even will call out areas of deficiency with each candidate so we know exactly what we are getting. A search never feels like a sales pitch with John, it feels like he is a part of our team. Cannot recommend him enough.

Tim Dietrich
Chief Financial Officer at Drips

John is simply the best at what he does. He has filled three challenging roles for me in the past 12 months and somehow always finds exactly what we are looking for. I cannot recommend him more highly. In a world of flaky recruiters pushing second class talent, John is a true gem.

Jessamyn Davis

I have worked with John as a recruiter and a recruitee. In the many years that we have known each other, John has always been able to understand my needs and look for creative ways to assist me. He has been a valued advisor to me in my hiring needs, providing updates to marketplace dynamics and seeking opportunities that support my mission. His integrity and approach have won over any resistance that I encountered in navigating the corporate world with outside recruiters. I have and would recommend John to anyone looking for talent or even just a sounding board.

Rusty Taylor
Finance/Operations Head @ Healthcare, Technology, Manufacturing

I have a 10 year working relationship with John Dyer. Over that period of time, John has helped me successfully recruit and hire multiple professional positions ranging from Accountant to Controller. Of the people I’ve hired from John for my finance and accounting teams, there have been new hires who turned out to be some of the most exceptional performers I’ve had the privilege to hire. To this day, they’re people I respect and still consider valued connections.

John possesses the following qualities that make him stand out as an executive search professional:

  • Willingness to go the extra mile getting to know you and your organization. John takes the time to sit down with you and not only go over the technical skillset of a position you’re trying to fill, but will take time understanding the soft skills you are looking for. John excels at understanding what sort of management style, communication skills, and personality you’re looking for in a candidate.
  • John actively recruits and finds professionals that are not specifically looking for an opportunity, but are willing to consider your position based on John’s ability to present the position and his thorough understanding of what the position has to offer the candidate.
  • For positions that are difficult to find good candidates, John will strategize with you and help you develop a more thorough job and candidate profile which will target certain industries and job skills. I’ve worked with John on a couple of position openings like this and working together we came up with some unique solutions and found very good candidates as a result.

I highly recommend working with John to fill any finance or accounting need within your team.

Cole Barner
Director Finance at Consolidated Precision Products

I first met John when he placed me as a VP Finance at a high-tech start up in 2001. Since then, I’ve relied on John’s counsel numerous times, whether it was filling positions on my team, or just strategizing on organizational structure. Further, John has always made himself available to take my calls whenever I needed him. I highly recommend John if you’re looking to fill a finance or executive search, or just want to get his opinion on the state of the industry.

Gary Cooperman
Chief Financial Officer at Health-Ade Kombucha

John is a true professional. At PacifiCare, a Fortune 500 health insurance company, John helped staff our Accounting department with top notch Big 4 CPA’s. He understood both the skill sets we required, as well as the cultural fit necessary for success. John is a true business partner, hard working and trustworthy. I highly recommend John, with no reservations, for any accounting and finance recruiting projects.

Steve Orzeck
VP, Talent Acquisition @ Alignment Healthcare

Our Focus

Factor Ten Executive Search works with top companies in Southern California, including the Fortune 500 and other high-growth companies. These organizations actively engage Factor Ten to find qualified candidates for a variety of positions, including but not limited to:

Chief Financial Officer
Vice President of Finance/Corporate Controller
Finance Professionals
Director of Finance
Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis
Senior Financial Analyst
Financial Analyst
Accounting Professionals
Director of Accounting
Division Controller
Accounting Manager
Senior Accountant
Staff Accountant
Tax Professionals
Vice President of Tax
Director of Tax
Tax Manager
Staff/Senior Tax Analyst
Specialists in:
State & Local, International, Federal, Sales & Use
Internal Audit Professionals
VP of Audit Services
Director of Audit Services
Audit Services Manager
Staff/Senior Internal Auditor
EDP/Information Technology Auditor
Treasury Professionals
Director of Treasury
Treasury Manager
Accounts Payable and Receivable Professionals
Payroll Professionals
Director of Payroll
Payroll Manager
Cost Accounting Professionals
Director of Cost Accounting
Cost Accounting Manager
Staff/Senior Cost Accountant

Our Multistep Process.

Factor Ten’s recruiting methodology has been refined over many years. Our streamlined approach reflects our High Performance commitment and is fully adaptable to your individual needs.

Whether you want a great deal of involvement in the search process or prefer a hands-off approach, Factor Ten is committed to your total satisfaction.

Through our experience, we have found the process described below yields the best possible results:

  • Establish a formal communication process with direct communication our firm and the designated hiring authority at your organization
  • Conduct a thorough review of your needs by hiring authority
  • Develop a comprehensive job description and ideal candidate profile
  • Set salary parameters that define the low point, mid point and high end of salary range
  • Review the feasibility of job requirements to ensure the best fit
  • Review the ideal experience and source of the candidate such as a particular industry or type of company
  • Select and carefully screen candidates before introducing them to you
  • Brief you about submitted candidates before their interview and debrief with you after the interview
  • Act as liaison between you and the candidate throughout the process to provide a single point of contact and strategic resource through the offer and acceptance stage
  • Facilitate compensation package negotiation including complete understanding of company benefits to ensure offer acceptance
  • Support candidate at resignation stage
  • Stay in touch to facilitate a continued successful, long term relationship

We carefully manage each assignment and provide you with regular progress updates to keep you fully informed about the status of your search at all times. Our High-Performance approach facilitates the identification of the best candidates in the fastest time possible.

Our Recruiting Ethics Statement

Factor Ten Executive Search maintains the highest professional ethical standards possible. We treat our clients and candidates with the highest level of integrity. We conduct business with the most ethical, professional standards in the industry and will settle for nothing less. Our reputation as straightforward offering honest services is extremely important to us.

When you showcase your ethics in black and white to prospective customers, you provide a standard against which we can be measured.  Our Ethics and Standard Practices are as follows:

Relationship between recruiter and client company:

A candidate’s employment record, qualifications, and salary requirements will be stated to the employer/client as accurately and fully as possible.

Confidential information relating to the business policy of employer/clients, which is imparted as an aid to the effective handling of their job requirements, shall be respected and treated accordingly. 

Factor Ten does not falsify information on candidates and will not knowingly misrepresent a candidate to a prospective hiring company. Factor Ten only represents candidates in an honest and straightforward manner.

There are no monetary obligations expected of candidates of any kind. All fees for placement services are paid for by the hiring company. No client will be obligated for a contingency service charge until an offer has been made and accepted between employer and candidate.

Every service Factor Ten offers is provided without regard to race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.

Relationship between recruiter and candidate:

Factor Ten is respectful of our candidates’ needs and requests. We make every attempt to qualify candidates for positions that we truly believe they are a good fit for and would be interested in. You can count on honest and sincere career guidance and direction from Factor Ten.

Representations made to candidates about the duties, hours and salary of prospective positions shall be in conformance to the best of our knowledge. We will never knowingly misrepresent a company or position.

There are no monetary obligations expected of candidates of any kind. The hiring company pays all fees for placement services.

Every service Factor Ten offers is provided without regard to race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.

NOTE: These Standards of Ethical Practices in no way supersede or replace the requirements of local ordinances or state and federal laws.